Pneumatic Servo fatigue testing machine - Uniaxial

Used for dynamic fatigue testing of various medical devices and materials. Including the most advanced DYNA-MESS digital control electronic equipment, high-precision sensor integrating force and displacement, high stiffness adjustable frame, DYNA-TCC special test software with many user-oriented features.
Based on 40 years’ experience in aerodynamic control technology research, our fatigue testing machine can be used to test different medical instruments such as spine, joint and trauma. And it can be used in ASTM/ISO/YY-T and other series of standard testing and R&D testing. Optional load 1KN-20KN,Maximum up to 35 Hz. It can fully meet the different testing requirements of various products.


  • Designed for dynamic testing of medical products.
  • This device is simple in structure, complete in function, reliable enough in performance and convenient in use.
  • PID servo closed-loop control, data acquisition frequencies up to 10 kHz.
  • High stiffness frame.
  • Beam height can be adjusted.
  • High Precision Sensor for Integrating Force and Displacement.
  • Pneumatic control,Environmental protection and cleanliness.
  • Long life and high reliability,Maintenance is simple and economical(Only need to replace the sealing ring).
  • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test.

Technical parameter for Pneumatic uniaxial servo fatigue

TP 1 LCFL TP 2.5 LCF TP 5 LCF TP 10 LCF TP 20 LCF TP 2.5 HF TP 5 HF TP 10 HF TP 20 HF
 Load 1KN 2.5KN 5KN 10KN 20KN 2.5KN 5KN 10KN 20KN
 Frequency 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 35Hz 35Hz 35Hz 35Hz
 Stroke 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm

Remarks:LCF Maximum frequency can be extended to 15Hz,Maximum stroke can be extended to300mm

Technical parameter for Pneumatic uniaxle torsional fatigue

  Load 20 Nm 50 Nm 100 Nm
 Frequency 5 Hz 5 Hz 5 Hz
 Stroke ±10° ±10° ±10°