Multi-Station Fatigue Testing Machine

Medical R&D needs a large number of testing equipment to speed up the process. Especially in dynamic fatigue test, cost, space, maintenance and other factors need to be considered at the same time. DYNAMESS multi-station fatigue testing machine, up to 6 stations testing. Each station can be tested at the same time and controlled separately. It greatly shortens the R&D time, saves cost and saves manpower, and is the best choice for testing and R&D.



  • The structure is exquisite and beautiful, which saves space to the greatest extent.
  • Improving work efficiency and accelerating the process of R&D and testing
  • Each station can be controlled independently to meet different test requirements.
  • High stiffness frame
  • Various accessories are available to meet various test requirements.
  • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test.

Technical parameter

TP 2.5×6 LCF TP 5×6 LCF TP 10×6 LCF TP 20×6 LCF
     Load 2.5KN/25Nm 5KN/20Nm 10KN/50Nm 20KN/20Nm
     Stroke 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
     Frequency 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz 10Hz