Electric Servo Fatigue Testing Machine-Tensile & Torsion

According to different testing standards (eg. F2077、F2346 etc.)and R&D requirements, It can be used to test intervertebral fusion cage and artificial intervertebral disc.


    • Design for Specific Medical Product Standards and R&D Requirements.
    • Actuating mechanism integrating tension, compression and torsion.
    • The structure is exquisite and beautiful, which saves space to the greatest extent.
    • High stiffness frame
    • High precision force, displacement, torque and Angle Sensors.
    • The highest frequency can be over 100Hz.
    • Logic Control, precise frequency control and phase control.
    • Electric drive control, higher control accuracy, wider scope of application.
    • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test.


V4E 5/25 LCF V4E 10/20 LCF V4E 10/50 LCF V4E 20/20 LCF V4E 20/50 LCF
        载荷 5KN/25Nm 10KN/20Nm 10KN/50Nm 20KN/20Nm 20KN/50Nm
        行程 100mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360°
        速度 250mm/s X X X X