Pneumatic Servo fatigue testing machine- Multiaxial

It can meet the testing requirements of F2723 standard, static axial force and R&D.


  • Design for Specific Medical Product Standards and R&D Requirements
  • Actuating mechanism can be selected according to demand
  • This device is simple in structure, complete in function, reliable enough in performance and convenient in use.
  • High stiffness frame
  • High Precision Force and Displacement Sensors
  • Pneumatic control,Environmental protection and cleanliness
  • Long life and high reliability,Maintenance is simple and economical(Only need to replace the sealing ring)
  • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test

Technical parameter

TP 2.5/1 LCF TP 5/2.5 LCF
  Load 2.5KN/1KN 5KN/2.5KN
  Frequency 10Hz 10Hz
  Stroke 300mm/100mm 300mm/100mm