Pneumatic servo fatigue-Tensile & Torsion

It can meet different testing standards and R&D requirements. It can be used to test intervertebral fusion cage, artificial intervertebral disc, etc according to relevant standards (such as F2077, F2346, etc.).


    • Designed for dynamic testing of medical products
    • Actuating mechanism can be selected according to demand
    • The structure is exquisite and beautiful, which saves space to the greatest extent.
    • High stiffness frame
    • High Precision Force, Displacement, Torque and Angle Sensors.
    • Pneumatic control,Environmental protection and cleanliness
    • Long life and high reliability,Maintenance is simple and economical(Only need to replace the sealing ring)
    • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test


V4PE 2.5/25 LCF V4PE 10/100 LCF
  Load 2.5KN/25Nm 2.5KN/25Nm
  Frequency 10Hz/5Hz 10Hz/5Hz
  Stroke 100mm/360° 300mm/360°