Dental Implants Testing Machine

The equipment is simple, portable and easy to operate meet the standard DIN EN ISO 14801.
Include: single station fatigue testing machine 5 station fatigue testing machine. Simple equipment structure greatly saves laboratory space. The equipment is specially used for testing dental materials.
This series of machines can be used for static and dynamic testing at frequencies up to 15Hz and forces up to 450N. It can store data, process force-displacement images and draw SN curves.
It is equipped with electric drive (no need of air source) and no additional devices.

Single station fatigue testing machine

  • Strong frame
  • M10X1 screw connection load applicator
  • Including a bright shield capable of providing and discharging fluid media
  • Servo motor drive
  • Integrated Displacement and Force Sensors

5 station fatigue testing machine

  • Integrate 5 independently controlled workstations to stabilize the frame
  • 5 protective shields that provide and discharge fluid media
  • 5 temperature sensors
  • Each station is equipped with an optical indicator.
  • Digital joystick for equipment installation
  • 5 Servo Motor Drivers
  • Integrated Displacement and Force Sensors
1977 - Dental DIN EN ISO 14801 - 1_groß