Static Testing Machine-Tension & Torsion

Static tension-torsion tester is used for static testing of medical devices and materials. The test of tension, compression and torsion can be carried out separately, and the combined loading test can also be carried out.
At the same time, the static tension-torsion tester enables the tester to complete the self-attack performance test of the screw according to ASTM F543.


  • Electric drive control, no need for hydraulic and pneumatic air supply.
  • Logic Control, precise frequency control and phase control.
  • Wide range of applications to meet the testing needs of a variety of materials
  • High Precision Force, Displacement, Torque and Angle Sensors
  • The structure is exquisite and beautiful, which saves space to the greatest extent.
  • High stiffness frame
  • Actuating mechanism integrating tension, compression and torsion
  • Various accessories are available
  • Tracking and recording the whole process of the test.

Technical parameter


V4E 5/25 LCF V4E 10/20 LCF V4E 10/50 LCF V4E 20/20 LCF V4E 20/50 LCF
   Load 5KN/25Nm 10KN/20Nm 10KN/50Nm 20KN/20Nm 20KN/50Nm
   Stroke 100mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360° 300mm/360°
   Speed 250mm/s X X X X